BRINGING SHERLOCK HOLMES DOWN UNDER:  Radio interview with ArtSound FM on the creation of the new Holmes anthology, November 2017

I spoke to Barbie Robinson on all things Sherlockian, including the inspiration for The Adventure of the Lazarus Child, my contribution to the new SHERLOCK HOLMES:  THE AUSTRALIAN CASEBOOK



'Cosy Crime Series Champions Missing Female Historical Figures' The Age, 26 Nov 2016

A wide-ranging interview with Linda Morris for The Age exploring the why and wherefores of the Dr Pimms, Intermillennial Sleuth series.

"Asked to reference her new mystery series, author L.J.M. Owen suggests a hybrid of Bones, the American television crime procedural based on Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan novels, and the bucolic potboiler Midsomer Murders.

'Think forensic science in a cosy setting,' Owen says.

Canberra replaces Somerset. There are complicated family feuds, long-buried secrets, fireside chats, purring cats and comfort food. The cases are cold – really cold – cases connected to archaeological finds from the sites of the world's greatest ancient civilisations and Owen's young sleuth, Dr Elizabeth Pimms, must use her skills as an archaeologist and working librarian to find answers."


'A Quiet Place to Write', Queanbeyan Age, 3 Nov 2016

I kicked-off National Novel Writing Month for 2016 at the Queanbeyan Library with a little help from the Queanbeyan Age

“NaNoWriMo is a wonderful international event supporting writers of all types to produce their best work, so it's great to see Queanbeyan participating so enthusiastically.” 


Canberra, Cannibalism and Stained Glass Windows, ABC 666 Radio Interview, 6 Nov 2016

6. NLA window - pan up, my photo.jpg

I had a marvellous time chatting with Lish Fejer on ABC 666 Canberra about Mayan cannibalism, Canberran landscapes and concepts of beauty. An artificially elongated head, heavily crossed eyes and teeth filed into sharp points mightn't get you on the cover of Vogue these days, but in 7th century Guatemala it was all the rage!



Sacrifical Wells and Existential Angst, ArtSound Radio Interview, 30 Oct 2016

This conversation took unexpected turns; Evana Ho is quite the interviewer! We started with tiny human bones recovered from the bottom of a Guatemalan sacrificial well and ended up staring into the abyss of existentialism in ten minutes flat. Not your average author interview, methinks. Here's the full recording at Half a Page of Scribbled Lines.


Bodies in the Library:  Unlike the Mahony Griffin, the NLA Doesn't Have a Murder Problem, Canberra Times, 26 Oct 2016

I spoke to Jil Hogan about the Mahony Griffin Library's body count.

"The books are...particularly based around a semi-fictional version of the National Library…It's got the beautiful marble foyer and the glorious stained-glass windows, but...I wanted to make it very clear that it's not actually the National Library. They don't have a murder problem that I'm aware of."


'Local Author to Share Her Story', Queanbeyan Age, 12 Feb 2016

It was a shock to see my face covering the front page of the local rag! My first article in the Queanbeyan Age.





'From Kickstarter to Book Deal: The Story of Canberra's Dr Elizabeth Pimms', Canberra Times, 13 Nov 2015

This was my very first interview for a newspaper; a somewhat nerve-wracking experience, though I was in good hands with Alexandra Back. 

"Canberra author LJM Owen's appeal for funding to self-publish her first book had an unexpected outcome...With an anticipated nine books in the series - one each year from now - Owen has set herself an ambitious task. Each book will explore a different civilisation and the people that lived in them, a pattern that demands Owen spend weeks and months engrossed in academic books and papers before the words are written."


Bones, Books and Broth, ABC 666 Radio Interview, Nov 2015

Ahead of the launch of Olmec Obituary at the National Library of Australia I chatted with the effervescent Lish Fejer at ABC 666 Canberra about all things Dr Pimms:


'Cold Case', ArtSound Radio Interview, 14 Nov 2015

"Seventeen skeletons in a cave are discovered near Cordoba, Mexico. Questions immediately arise: who are they? How did they die and come to be buried together? This 3,200 year old mystery is left in the capable hands of Dr Elizabeth Pimms; archaeologist, librarian, now intermillennial sleuth."

I joined the incisive Evana Ho in her studio to talk about Dr Pimms’ really cold case, and my decision to set my archaeological detective story in Canberra. Here's the full recording at Half a Page of Scribbled Lines.