Canberra's First Jólabókaflóð, the Christmas Book Flood, a Huge Success!

jolabokaflod christmas wrapping and raffle elves

jolabokaflod christmas wrapping and raffle elves

Ten authors and poets, a stream of avid readers and bottomless coffees (a.k.a. writer fuel) made for an exciting first Jólabókaflóð in Canberra on 17 December 2016.

In Iceland, on Christmas Eve, everyone exchanges gifts of books then spends the rest of the day (and night) reading. It's called ''Jólabókaflóð' – the Christmas Book Flood  – and last year I decided to bring it to Canberra.

a flood of authors, books and readers!

a flood of authors, books and readers!


Working with the marvellous team at Beyond Q and their partners at ArtSound FM, I brought together a range of local children's, crime, horror, historical, science fiction, non-fiction and poetry authors to cater for the reading needs of everyone who dropped by.

As the instigator and organiser of the event I was immeasurably pleased with the day, and would like to thank the kind staff at Beyond Q, our partners ArtSound FM, and my fellow authors on the day: 


our jolabokaflod gift tags

our jolabokaflod gift tags

  • Craig 'Partridge' Cormick
  • Lynnette 'Turtledove' Dickinson
  • Lawrence 'French Hen' del Gigante
  • Andrew 'Calling Bird' Galan
  • Gillian 'Swan' Polack
  • Stephanie 'Lady' Owen Reeder
  • Melinda 'Lord' Smith 
  • Kaaron 'Piper' Warren
  • Cate 'Drummer' Whittle

and especially all the readers, book lovers and bookworm supporters who attended.This event was for you!

For full details about the event, including authors and books, please click here.


Editing and Self-Publishing Workshop

14 Dec – Editing and Self-Publishing Workshop, Libraries ACT/ACT Writers Centre


Dr Pimms Christmas Signings 2016

10 Dec – Dr Pimms Christmas Signing, Dymocks Canberra


KERRY GREENWOOD on Mayan Mendacity - 'This particular book will really improve your day.'


On 19 November 2016 crime fiction legend Kerry Greenwood launched Mayan Mendacity, Book Two in the Dr Pimms, Intermillennial Sleuth series, at the SheKilda3 One Day Crimespree.


Ms Greenwood, creator of the acclaimed Miss Phryne Fisher series, described Mayan Mendacity as 'an excellent book', 'beautifully written' and 'well-researched'. Best day of the year!


As part of the SheKilda3 One day Crimespree I also joined fellow women crime writers Janice Simpson, Sulari Gentill and Lucy Sussex on a panel to discuss putting the history into our mysteries. The most memorable question was when a participant asked for an English translation of the Mayan insult 'deformed chicken'. As the answer is somewhat delicate, I found that one hard to explain!


While in Melbourne I popped by a number of booksellers to sign copies of both Olmec Obituary and Mayan Mendacity. It was great to see Dr Pimms on the shelves of Avenue Bookstores, Readings and Dymocks Camberwell.

For more photos of the weekend, please click here.


Dr Pimms at the Library Lovers Bookclub

13 Nov – Library Lovers Bookclub:  Dr Pimms, Intermillennial Sleuth, National Library of Australia

Mayan Mendacity is Better Reading's Weekend Read! at Better Reading

A wonderful introduction to Olmec Obituary and Mayan Mendacity from the passionate literary advocates at Better Reading

From Brain to Book:  Writer and Publisher

6 Nov – From Brain to Book, Writer and Publisher Event, Muse Literary Salon


Launch of Mayan Mendacity at the National Library of Australia

3 Nov – Launch of Mayan Mendacity, National Library of Australia


1 November 2016 is Mayan Mendacity Release Day

Catch up on Elizabeth's latest investigation:  Book Two in the Dr Pimms, Intermillennial Sleuth series is out now!

Dr Elizabeth Pimms is back with a new puzzle. What is the story behind the tiny skeletons discovered on a Guatemalan island? How do they relate to an ancient Mayan queen? And are claims that shake the foundations of Elizabeth's family true? A pregnant enemy, a crystal skull, a New York foodie, and an intruder in Elizabeth’s phrenic library variously aid or interrupt Elizabeth’s attempts to solve mysteries both ancient and personal...

Mayan Mendacity provides a glimpse into the society of the ancient Mayans of Guatemala, including their political system, female rulers and practice of human sacrifice. The archaeology, ancient history, forensic science and library services described in the novel are based on significant academic research. 

With a warm cosy setting, including Elizabeth’s multicultural family, delicious meals, a rambling house and glorious gardens, the series is suitable for new adult readers and up.

Welcome back to the world of Dr Pimms, Intermillennial Sleuth. Really cold cases.

Read an extract of Mayan Mendacity 

The Dr Pimms series is reminiscent of lighter works from the Golden Age of Detective Fiction where the reader pitted their skills against the fictional sleuth of the hour. Enjoy!


29 Oct – Launch of local NaNoWriMo program, Queanbeyan Library


26 Oct – Inklings Young Writers Group, Queanbeyan Library


7-9 Oct – Cobargo Crime Convention (panelist and off-Broadway premiere of Mayan Mendacity)

A criminally good weekend!

"There’s nary a warmer, quirkier, nor more enjoyable welcome to be had than in Cobargo."

Thank you again one and all.



Sept – Dr Pimms at Bouchercon 2016

Dr Pimms at Bouchercon, the World Mystery Convention

Dr Pimms hits New Orleans at Bouchercon 2016 this September, including at a silent character auction for Book Three in the series, review copies for bloggers and reader/reviewers and a basket of goodies up for grabs.

Click through to a dedicated Dr Pimms at Bouchercon page here.



21 Aug – Interviewing Candice Fox, Muse Literary Salon


21 March – Plotting Workshop for Writers, Libraries ACT


18 Feb – Plotting Workshop for Writers, Queanbeyan Library


11 Feb – Plotting Workshop for Writers, Harry Hartog's Woden



5 Dec – Dr Pimms Christmas Signing, Dymocks Canberra


19 Nov – Launch of Olmec Obituary, National Library of Australia


30 May – Launch Party for Olmec Obituary Kickstarter Limited Edition, Beyond Q



Dec 2014 – The Beginning:  Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Olmec Obituary