Mayan Mendacity

'Fortuitous. That is what I call my stumbling on this excellent little book.' - Lost in a Good Book

"This book turned out even better than expected! It’s not simply a suspense novel, it is a love letter to ancient civilizations and archaeology. Dr. Elizabeth Pimms is a wonderful character. Young and brilliant, but also a little naive, she is also incredibly loyal and kind hearted. She’s someone I’d love to make friends with. She is driven to excellence in her work, and truly loves archaeology and making sense of the artifacts that she is presented with."

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'I can’t wait to see where life takes Elizabeth Pimms next!' - Booksable

"Author L.J.M. Owen has done it again with the second installment of the Dr. Pimms Intermillennial Sleuth series.  Our protagonist returns once more with her life filled to the brim with family, food, a job that spans many different aspects of Library Science and a passion for archaeology.  What a perfect combination!"

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'LJM Owen is proving that Echo Press was smart to put its faith in this initially crowd-funded, self-published author.' - Corinna Hente

"The second book in the planned series is much stronger than the first, and will surely expand her audience."

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Olmec Obituary

'This is definitely a world that I will want to return to again and again.' - Booksable

'If you are a bibliophile, if you love libraries or ancient history, if you are drawn to warm and comforting homes, families, or foods – then you need to read this book.'

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'Olmec Obituary is a page-turner. I started to read the book in the evening and finished in the middle of the night.' - A Bookaholic Swede

"Olmec Obituary is one of those books that I hoped would be entertaining to read, but in the end, surpassed my expectations. I can't wait to read the next book in the series!"

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'Riveting, intelligent, utterly intriguing' - Pooled Ink Reviews

"The story itself had all the youth of Phryne Fisher, the detail of Sherlock Holmes, and the psychology of Miss Marple. Within moments I found myself utterly intrigued, pulled in and held hostage within the mystery."

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'Olmec Obituary is the thinking person’s cosy mystery' - Booklover Book Reviews

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"If you are a fan of the TV series Bones, this is a book for you. If you are a foodie, this is a book for you. If you love libraries, this is a book for you. If you enjoy a cosy mystery filled with colourful characters you quickly become attached to, you guessed it, this is a book for you."

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'Elegant and refreshingly different addition to the mystery genre' - Braemar Book Bites

"Its a cracking good read, and I look forward to the next episode in the series with great anticipation."

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'Dr Elizabeth Pimms is a brilliant young woman' - The Bookasaurus 

"This was an intelligent read with a couple of good mysteries woven within it and engaging characters. I may be biased as I have something of an interest in archaeology and science (I confess I’m a chemistry and geology graduate) but I also enjoyed the historical and scientific detail contained in it. I love to learn from books as I have done in this one and look forward to reading more by this author."

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'Re-introduced me to my love of mystery novels' - Musing the Manuscript

"Dr Pimms is an archaeologist, one who loves her craft, but due to a family tragedy is unable to be out on the field where she is at her finest. Instead, she has to be content with working at the library that has been central in her family's life - one shrouded in memories of her childhood, when she visited her father at his work."

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'A cosy and rollicking tale in a sub-genre that is refreshing to see in Australian crime fiction' - Bookseller+Publisher


"Through flashes into Olmec’s brutal history, debut author Owen builds the tension in a mystery that is more than 3000 years old." 

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