Why I'm Angry About Women's History at Sisters in Crime, Australia Blog

I spoke to the women crime writers' cartel Sisters in Crime, Australia to explain why I write –  research, think about, eat, sleep and breathe –  historical crime fiction featuring women in science and women from history.

"An afternoon of self-reflection nudged the answer to the surface: anger. More than anger. My motivation was, in part, fury at a lifetime of messages about the place of women in society, in science and in history."


Why Are You a Bibliophile? Your Genes! at Booktopia's Blog

In the lead up to the annual book frenzy that is Christmas I provided a reassuring community service announcement for anyone whose To Be Read pile is growing exponentially at Booktopia.

"The question is why? Why – like you – do bookworms across the globe yearn for nothing more than curling up with a good book and escaping into its pages?

The answer is in your genes and it relates to the power of the story."


A Novelist’s Tale: Self-Publishing v. Traditional Publishing at Capital Letters Blog

In my first published article, for the ACT Writers Centre, I wrote about an unintended experiment that I ran in 2015.

As a first-time author I had battled through a crowdfunding campaign and overcame multiple self-publishing hurdles to deliver a limited edition run of Olmec Obituary. Unexpectedly, a traditional publisher then entered the fray and released a new edition of 'Olmec' six months later.

The differences between the two publishing processes were stark.
Here are my findings, courtesy of 'ACTWrite', the ACT Writers Centre's magazine, April 2016.