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'Cosy crime series champions missing female historical figures' The Age, 26 Nov 2016

A wide-ranging interview with Linda Morris for The Age exploring the why and wherefores of the Dr Pimms, Intermillennial Sleuth series.

"Asked to reference her new mystery series, author L.J.M. Owen suggests a hybrid of Bones, the American television crime procedural based on Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan novels, and the bucolic potboiler Midsomer Murders.

'Think forensic science in a cosy setting,' Owen says.

Canberra replaces Somerset. There are complicated family feuds, long-buried secrets, fireside chats, purring cats and comfort food. The cases are cold – really cold – cases connected to archaeological finds from the sites of the world's greatest ancient civilisations and Owen's young sleuth, Dr Elizabeth Pimms, must use her skills as an archaeologist and working librarian to find answers."

Weekend Read: Mayan Mendacity Better Reading, 15 Nov 2016

A wonderful introduction to Olmec Obituary and Mayan Mendacity from the passionate literary advocates at Better Reading

"Both books are interspersed with lovely moments from Elizabeth’s family life – her elderly Welsh grandfather, her French Berber grandmother and her other grandmother who is Chinese. She conjures an alluring ambience of her heroine’s home life – complete with mahogany bookshelves, wingback chairs, Persian rugs and beautifully set tables in the conservatory. Combined with the frequent food references and wonderful literary references, such as Agatha Christie and Mark Twain, this is a series you can’t help but fall in love with."

Mayan Mendacity Release, ArtSound Radio Interview, 30 Oct 2016

This conversation took unexpected turns; Evana Ho is quite the interviewer! We started with tiny human bones recovered from the bottom of a Guatemalan sacrificial well and ended up staring into the abyss of existentialism in ten minutes flat. Not your average author interview, methinks. Here's the full recording at Half a Page of Scribbled Lines.

Canberra author L. J. M. Owen releases second novel Mayan Mendacity, Canberra Times, 26 Oct 2016

"The books are...particularly based around a semi-fictional version of the National Library…It's got the beautiful marble foyer and the glorious stained-glass windows, but...I wanted to make it very clear that it's not actually the National Library. They don't have a murder problem that I'm aware of."

Article in the Canberra Times - From Kickstarter to book deal: The story of Canberra's Dr Elizabeth Pimms